WD My Cloud - Permissions keep changing?

Hi guys,

This is my first post. i have just signed up as i bought WD My Cloud 3TB last weekend.

I have some questions/queries which i hope one of you can help me with.

I have set it all up, but what i notice is the permissions for both users and shares keep changing every time i log onto the myclod dashboard.

I have a 150Mb broadband but even then directly connected to the laptop, when copying stuff over, it only shows speeds of upto 9Mb and takes ages to copy files over.

in regards to the permissions, I’m the Admin so i’ve given myself full access for other accounts/shares on the drive, but when i check it on the wd my cloud app, it sometimes shows me shares of other users and when i go to the shares or users, permissions have changed by themselves. first i thought it was in my head, but then i checked one of my family member’s app and it was showing all my shares/contents to them on their app so i logged onto the dashboard and they were apparently granted full access to my share?

can anyone please help?

First is to determine if someone else didn’t go in and change the User permissions on the Shares. Make sure to enable a password on the administrator account and use a strong password to prevent someone from gaining access to the Dashboard.

Second, one could do a 4 second reset or a 40 second system restore to see if that stops the My Cloud OS from auto changing the User permissions on the Shares.


Third, make sure when setting up the mobile apps or access for other users that you give them THEIR own User account and configure each User account permission to the Shares in the Dashboard.

Thanks @Bennor .

Appreciate the quick response mate.

No one in my household even knows how to use this device. So no one would have been able to go into the even dashboard.

Also permissions actually changed while i was on the dashboard myself. When just switching from Users to Shares or other way around, permissions would be changed.

I will definitely read the article form the link you have provided.

i did give all the individuals permissions on their own user accounts and shares etc.

thanks once again