WD My Cloud OS 5 android Mobile App - Playing audio files

Just wanted to give you my feedback with the android app on OS5

Good points

  • really nice refresh compared to the older app
  • feels a lot faster

Bad points/need to improve : audio files playback (MP3)

  • the progress bar does not allow fast forward / rewind (it works fine with iOS version)
  • when opening the app, it is not possible to resume playback of the last file played (feature that was present with os3 version)
  • playback interruptions, whether with wifi local network / or remote network : the current payed song stopps and restarts from beginning. Noticed with large files, it works fine with iOS version.

Quite disappointed…

On Android, point your file manager at the SMB server. For remote access, you can use MyCloud.com via a browser. For the windows WD app, go to the download area on the WD site. Download and read the MyCloud user manual.

Hello, thank you for your advice, it helps me.