WD MY Cloud on Mac

I am very annoyed. I have used a MY Cloud device on my Mac Mini for a couple if years as backup and for data storage and use that device as a media server.

Now all of a sudden the MD MyCloud has stopped working. I have tried reverting back to a previous version but that does not work either. This is a major issue as I have both a Mac and Mac Mini and I have used the My Cloud device as backup and for storage of media and important files, I can NO LONGER access the drive so all my files and backups are useless.

This is an extraordinary failure and quite frankly is unacceptable.

What options do I have?

Chris Ellington

Is it my cloud home?

As well do you know the reason why it stopped working? Is it not connecting? Or does not turn-on?

For example in my case it is updating now for over 8 days (so I lost access to all my files).

In the end… I agree it is unacceptable and certainly I now questioning my judgement keeping the files on it, as it was apparent for me that MCH least safe place to keep any data.