WD My Cloud not working on various devices


My WD2Go on PC does not connect to our WD My Book Live devices

I noticed as recently as on Thursday March 27.

I have to different, idenpendent WD My Book Live devices, in different LAN’s. Each of them is on and accesible locally. None of them is accessible via WD2Go.

Also mobile appilcation in Android cannot connect with any of those two devices.

It looks as if it was some connectivity problem in WD (?)

Does anybody know about such problem or any other hint as to what to do now?

Jaroslaw Miklasz

Same problem in Spain.

www.WD2go.com don’t run tonight.

This morning all is ok.

Problems with WD servers??? 

also cannot access the web login here. Can WD confirm if any server issue

Hello to all the users,

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