WD My Cloud not working after last firmware upgrade


After last firmware upgrade mycloud device stoped working. It’s impossible to access it. I already try a system restore but i’m still unable to access it. Even the GUI is only available sometimes and it’s too slow.

As a WD customer i’m very surprised about this poor quality product. Even before this last firmware update i had to turn off major part of functionalities to be able to use it as a backup drive.

I already opened a ticket [Deleted] (in portuguese) on last friday (11st of July) and i received an auto reply saying that they will try to answer it in a 1 day SLA… it must be a bug… today is 16th and i’m still waiting.

Honestly i don’t want a new Firmware version (it will not fix all the problems). Product does not work as it’s described on the box so customers shoul be receive their money back. 

Someone will be in touch with you to see what we can do to help you.  Please keep an eye on your private messages.