WD My Cloud Mirror is No Longer Synching My Folders

Hi All,

My Synch Folders are no longer synching and I have not changed any of the parameters. I was using WD Synch Settings to create a synch from my local C: folder to the same named folder on the drive.

The quick view shows my drive is connected and I can access my drive no problem, but under the synch summary it states the “WDMYCloudMirror is missing” ?

I am aware also another software WD Smartware Pro which has a backup functionality but never used and not sure this is what I am looking for in terms of synching folders.

Wondering if an updated issue or this feature is now redundant. In all honesty not tried deleting the synchs and redoing, was hoping for a quick fix.

Any help would be appreciated



Login into the My Cloud Dashboard, Go to Settings and locate Cloud Access.

  • Disable Cloud Access
  • Wait a few minutes
  • Enable Cloud Access

Reboot PC and WD Sync should not show “missing anymore”

Why i must do that ??? Android client works perfectly, but Windows one is not good.
Please release fixed client.


Thanks but I am still getting the same issue, any other fixes?

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That’s not an answer. I’ll repeat again: Android client works perfectly, web client also, but Windows client stopped working after few days on a fresh installed system.

I did the big mistake when I bought this product (WD My Cloud Mirror). It has a lot of errors and bugs. What a sham on WD company.