WD My Cloud - Media Server and Chromecast


I Got a WD My Cloud

I also got a chromecast

I want something like Plex media server but it is not posible on a WD My Cloud.
Any tips to play movies from de WD My Cloud to Chromecast?

Thank u so much!

Roy from the Netherlands

Officially, no you cannot install Plex to the v4.x single bay My Cloud. Unofficially it may be possible but it involves using SSH and modifying or changing the v4.x firmware.

There are several prior threads that discuss how to stream content to the Chromecast. Use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right and search for “Chromecast”. The easiest method is to use the WD My Cloud app for Android (if you have an Android device). See my following post where I explain how I stream media from a My Cloud to the Chromecast.


And here is one unofficial way to get Plex running on a single bay v4.x My Cloud. It involves replacing the My Cloud OS via SSH.


What client device are you hoping to use to cast to your CC?

I’ve used Android BubbleUPnP to cast to CCA devices (including multi-room synced groups), streaming from the Twonky media server.

Yes, and without hacking into a My Cloud with SSH. Need more info from you:

Haw do you plan to access the My Cloud? From PC/Mac, or phones and tablets – what kind: iOS or Android.?

What movie file types do you want to play to Chromecas?.

Give more info on your hardware.

Just so you know, I can play mp4 type movies residing on my My Cloud using an iPhone or Pad and using a specific app on either, and cast the mp4 movie to the Chromecast. If this is what you want to do as well, let me know.

I likely can do same with an Android tablet as long as the app I use has the capability to send to Chromecast as the iOS app can do. I likely have sent movies this way from PC to Chromecast as well, but can’t remember.

I usually do not cast movies to Chromecast as I have better ways than that to get movies on my TV; Nevertheless, I know how to do it using Chromecast…,

Thank you all!

I Have an Iphone 6
Version 9.3.4

At the moment i use: Localcast but i don;t like the looks of it.
I want to see the cover and maybe organized … But now its a long list :frowning2:

I also have a Ipad with IOS

The types of the movie are most of the time mp4

Sorry for bad english,
Thank you!

From the netherlands,



The app I use on my iOS devices is called FileBrowser. An app out of UK that I have used for many years. It cost me a one-time fee of $6 US and can be placed on iPhone and iPad. It organizes media types from home network sources and has a built-in Cast icon with which I can cast mp4s to Chromecast. the app continues to get improvements and updates. Worth the money.

Hey Mike

I saw your recommendation and after reading the description of the app I decided to give it a try, but how do you configure it? My WDMyCloud is not showing up in the options and I’m not sure how to configure it manually

Nevermind!! I found the way to do it! It works :smiley:
Thanks pal!!

Glad you got it working. Just play with it and you will understand it better. Nice app.