WD My Cloud Home Device Offline



I did that spent 600 euros for the privilidge

Same here. I start to think that something like a Class action lawsuit might help these folks at WD to stop abusing from us.

More than 2 week in offline, and WD continuos no solve their problem.
They think we are stupids with their answers.
If they can’t solve it, they ask for help from informatics.

My device had been offline for over a year now. I’m still waiting for a solution thru this thread, for working update and/or a new firmware. I don’t understand that even that MCH is a big issue that they still selling it. They are really into the money then there customers satisfaction or they are in for stealing people data’s. Maybe both. They want people to send them their faulty drive and they will replace it. Why don’t they just replace it that’s it. I have sensitive data’s in my MCH drive. I don’t really want to send it to them to back my datas up to another drive. No. That’s really to bad, like their products but that one product, might be the one hurt them bad. I took the decision not to buy any more of there products. That’s for sure. Not cool.

I just got my latest reply from support. Also claiming it is the disk that is failing. I got also no reply from my remarks that the public space is still working fully (so the disk can obviously not be failing) and that many other ppl have the same error since the firmware update. All in all, terrible product, terrible support and no interest in customer satisfaction.


I have now been told that the problem is solved, which is not the case.
And we say we bought a new device.
All I want is to access my documents.
I see that they do not know how to solve the problem and they will leave us unable to access our documents because of them.
A company disaster.

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I have the same problem with you, so I want to know how you can access your old document?


Ciao, avrei bisogno di contattarti per avere maggiori informazioni in merito al recupero dati. Non riesco a trovare nessuna opzione per inviarti una mail o simili. Ti sarei molto grato se mi scrivi a fabio.indino@gmail.com
Ho davvero bisogno urgentemente di recuperare i dati! Grazie infinite

Exactly, The all problems are caused and triggered by WD Company now on there are no any support to fix it!!!

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WD, You should immediately find a solution to retrieve data directly from the hard disk.

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They should, but they certainly won‘t. I guess they are also reading this thread. Some of them will actually believe that WD didn‘t do anything wrong and some will know that they screwed up but will simply wait.

Me for my part will find external help to retrieve my data, will then inform WD that they told me BS and I predict that the answer will be „very glad that everything worked out“.

So many people cannot access their MCH but as you might have seen, WD didn‘t help so far.

The support people don’t know what they are doing. I had one WD support guy try to get me to connect my WD MyCloud Home to my computer. First with ethernet and then with double ended USB cable, which is very rare to find because no one uses it. Ethernet didn’t work and I thought it was weird that he had me doing this so I googled and found out it is impossible to do. Waste of time. There is no way the drive is bad in so many people’s WD MyCloud at the same time. I tried to erase the drive and can’t even do that. Now I will take it apart and try to connect another way.

wow! for a year!!? and they provided no resolution plans? if you cant access your stuff for over a year, it is almost like you lost it! hope it wasnt too important

Important!!! Indeed. Still waiting on a solution.

R.M. Béliard

Just wondering if you have any other consumer data storage manufacturer who would send you a replacement product before verifying that your original was defective and under warranty? I can see an enterprise storage product having some kind of a in-place replacement warranty service, but for a consumer product, that would be special and unusual.

WD Support just informed me that my device have some bad sectors and asked me to do a RMA for exchange, or go to a DataRecovery service (estimates of 400$)! this is my last WD purshase for life! and good luck too R.M. Béliard - je vois que tu es à Montréal toi aussi! :v:

That’s the standard answer of WD support, since they can’t resolve what they broke … if it helps, you are among many other people whos device were broken my WD.

I bought a full license of UFS Explorer Professional to get all my data back, $600 dollars but the data on it was priceless to me, I still have the software for a full year if I could help anyone else with anything.

Did this work with MCH? Did you simply connect it via USB and with the SW this did the trick?

Did u also ask WD why they claim the disk is broken even though obviously it isn‘t?