WD My Cloud Home Device Offline

How we can do?
about data can export with any method?

very upset with WD T___T

Is there any other way we can retrieve our data?


How do I export or retrieve my data from My Home Cloud?
It’s very important to me.

My device still offline 3rd day now and the only support from WD is it may take a few days to update software. Please advice as I have important date that I need to retrieve.

Mine has been offline since October 1st… need to access the data inside!!! Received a message that the firmware updated but still it is offline

My device has been offline since October 1, 2021 as well. I finally received a response from support after they reviewed my debug files. Apparently, there are disk errors on my drive and it will need to be replaced. They say there are only two companies who are able to recover data from a My Cloud Home device and I was given a 10% off WD coupon code. Since my device is under warranty I’m assuming it will be replaced but I have yet to confirm that.

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hello, they will replace, but will they also recover your data?

According to support, there are only two companies that are able to recover data from a My Cloud Home and that will be at my cost.

crossing my fingers that it is not the cause of my problem. good luck with your data!
for sure this is the last time I<m buying a WD product

This is what they have replied me:

“We do not provide data recovery services or reimbursement for third party vendor services such as data recovery. There are many reasons as to why a drive can fail. We also encourage our customers to back up their data.”

Isn’t that funny!!!? A company that sells back up storage devices asking their customer to back up their data? I think I did, but I have chosen a wrong brand with a wrong device to back up my data! Moreover, I think the drive didn’t fail, all my data has been erased due to the failure of their system! And they gonna push all the responsibility back to their customer who trusted their brand!!!

What a irresponsible company!! Please think twice if you are going to get any of their products!


My WD hard drive present the same problem since 1 october and i confirm that hard drive have a problem , some SMART problem i try to extract my data …

i really surprise about we have a lot of connection problem and disk error in same time … perhaps a firmware bug ? have you got disk problem juste after offline problem ?


WD you should have an update to fix this issue.

Im having the same issues. All my data was backed up on my MyCloud Device and now it seems to be offline for the past 1 week. It obviously a firmware bug, doesnt anybody care in the company? Lot of people cannot access their data…

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I correspond with support for a week, fulfill all wishes (confirmations, invoices, debud files, serial numbers, turn on, open channels on the router, private ip address, change the router …). It is interesting how everything has been suitable and in function so far.

Response: “Please be advised that as per the review of the Device Logs from your My Cloud Home (2 TB), we can see the internal HDD disk is showing errors. The only solution is a replacement (RMA) and Data Recovery if required…”

internal HDD disk is showing errors - due to restarting of devices. SMART runs neatly, which also results from the Debug file. Incompetence, unwillingness to accept their mistake. Until 01.10.2021. the device worked properly. Shame. If there will be joint lawsuits at EU level, I will certainly join. Never again WD products, not even a USB memory stick…

The MCH debug_logs.zip will show you much more than what you can run on your own with SMARTCTL at this point because it will likely have the original record of the errors since the unit was first activated, which could be many years. The following gives you a hint to where to find the data, some will tell you when the OTA firmware was first installed with the activation and the pstore folder will show you the various SMARTCTL errors reported since then. In my case, I saw too many FPDMA errrors which is sometimes associated with SATA controller or SMR HDDs and I replaced the HDD even though there was 18 months leftover in the WD warranty and I never bothered to try to get WDC to compensate me for it. I figured it is usually better to replace than try to recover bad data which seems to be the the fundamental mistakes of 99% of the users here.

There is always a chance that you can recover most of your data even with the SMART errors if you use a different SATA controller such as a PC and the recovery won’t be too difficult for someone willing to learn.

Unless you are outside the US or the MCH fw_Updater sees a hard drive problem, you should have been updated by now. See the post below for explanation and some solutions.

I received the same response from support after trying everything. “The MCH has disk errors, and device replacement is the solution…” I know nothing about the inner workings of these devices. I know how to plug them in and save stuff, and that is it.
Thankfully, I purchased a support plan from the Geek Squad at Best Buy when I bought my MCH a little over a year ago. I gave them a call and got an appointment the same day. In layman’s terms, a tech checked out the MCH and said the drive appears to be working perfectly fine, but they could not fix the offline issue. As a result, I was allowed to choose a replacement drive to transfer my data to. They also mentioned that disk errors could be from corruption that occurred due to the update since the drive showed no signs or cause for malfunction. And also because so many WD MCH customers started having the same offline issue on the same day.
As I mentioned, I’m uneducated on the technicalities, so I don’t know if an update can cause this kind of damage? But it makes me curious to know how many other MCH customers are stuck with disk errors after that update? Maybe we need a new thread on this subject?

Good job! I am glad you are getting it sorted out. Geek Squad would be worth every penny if they could get your data back and on a replacement drive. I did not know Geek Squad was able to do authorized repair on the MCH.

If you need data, but without WD support and without warranty after - open device, connect HDD to PC and use Ufs Explorer Professional Recovery.