WD My Cloud home - backup automatically

It’d be nice if there was a feature to set an automatic backup of the whole My Cloud Home to an USB hard disk - for example, I would set it to back up the data once a week and it would be way better than doing it manually every time.

EDIT: I managed to work my way around this by using a spare laptop.
I installed an app called Cobian Backup, which I set up to make a mirror backup of the my cloud home onto a HDD every Sunday at midnight. I set up an event that makes the laptop go to sleep once the backup is finished. I also used Task Scheduler to wake up the laptop and restart it before the backup (so it’s not slow). So far it has been working very well.


This is something I’m also looking for. Doing a manual backup is not efficient.


try Free File Sync >> https://freefilesync.org/

Thank you for the information and advice!

That is disappointing that you actually need a computer to backup the My Cloud Home. Especially disappointing, seeing as this was a basic feature of the My Cloud. I will definitely be returning my My Cloud Home as soon as I receive it. I was under the impression that you’d be able to plug an external drive into the provided USB 3.0 port and set up automatic backups.