Wd my cloud home 6tb cannot connect to wd sync and TV

So I just bought this 6tb my cloud home in about a week and I’m fighting with it since then.
Fist it was the time machine backup…it took about 2 days to make the backup about 1tb ( at least finally I made it) the question is just why did it take so much time? (I have good internet connection for sure)
But I still cannot run the wd sync app,which I basically bought the drive for…I checked the router just as I read at the support page and the configuration should be ok https://www.upc.ch/pdf/support/manuals/en/internet/ConnectBox/connect-box-manual.pdf
this is the modem what I have
I have a late 11 MacBook pro with OSX Mojave on it and an iPhone 8
the wd sync app doesn’t find the my cloud home and when I want to sign it with my user it “says” that there is no account like this (anyway I already registered and have the WD desktop app and the online page also work with the dropbox, google photos and facebook so I have the account…) so I cannot use the wd sync app at all…
And when I see the server in finder I can only use as a guest, it doesn’t let me in with any of my accounts, is it normal or can I handle it somehow?
The other case is with my samsung smart tv. The my cloud doesn’t shown at all, not even in plex…
And the last question: How can I make backup from my iphone(not just photos but like time machine on the mac) to not be necessary to use iCloud?! ('cos that’s the other reason Bought it for)

So these are my issues, can someone help me with them?

The My Cloud home is not a traditional NAS. It has default public SMB shares for Windows and time machine backups but other than those public shares it uses a private user space for all other data. To mount the private user space as a drive on the computer you will need to install the WD Discovery software.

The My Cloud Home is not compatible with WD Sync so you will not be able to use that. WD Sync is only supported by the My Cloud Product line.

Since the default public shares are public you must sign in as a guest for time machine backups. You cannot sign into a user account.

Plex will need to be ran from the my cloud home see below