WD My Cloud has no remote access

Well, unfortunately, I bought my My Cloud 4TB from Amazon and it worked (even remote access) for the majority of January so returning it is totally impossible now, BUT my disatisfaction had led me to stand next to the My Cloud display in the local Best Buy the past two days and discourage anyone who was thiking about buying it.  I figure if WD isn’t going make direct and active attempts to solve these obvious issues, then I would make direct and active attempts to make sure no one else gets rear-ended by this product line.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll patiently wait for an answer that solves the Java / Firmware problems that CLEARLY exist.

In the meantime, don’t waste my time asking about MY OS, MY router, MY internet service provider, or MY connection method.  That’s like asking a rape victim what she was wearing … YOUR product not working as advertised and promised is NOT our (users) fault!!


From the control panel try lowering the security on the Java update 51 or just uninstall the 51 and leave the update 45.