Wd My Cloud Gen1 unreadable -- how to access data?

I dropped my MyCloud drive and since then it wouldn’t boot up (just made a whirring noise) with a white light that would continue to blink. I removed the drive from the housing, put it into a SATA USB3.0 enclosure, and have connected it to a Mac, linux PC, and Windows 10 PC – all were not able to recognize the drive. The HDD seems to make the same whirring noise in the USB enclosure as it did in the MyCloud housing.

The short story is that none of the computers I have connected to the drive in a USB enclosure can recognize it, let alone read any data on it.

I have 2 questions: 1) is there ANY way to read data on the drive, or is it just hosed, AND 2) if the logic board in the housing is still functioning, can I buy a new HDD and download new firmware to it to create a new functional MyCloud device?

I have seen many posts on addressing a “bricked” device, but none seem to be in as bad of shape as mine. I cannot even access the thing, even directly connected to the drive in a USB enclosure.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Either us a Linux boot disk/flash disk or use a driver for Windows. because the My Cloud hard drive is formatted for Linux, Windows will not properly see/access the drive without the proper drivers.

An Linux boot disk/flash drive:

I’ve accessed the drive with Linux, Windows, and Mac – all three operating systems. None of them are able to recognize the drive.

Then it is likely the drive is dead if it cannot be mounted in Linux or is not seen as a drive in the Windows Computer Management > Drive Management section.

If you have not been backing up the My Cloud using the My Cloud Dashboard Safepoint / Backup feature then you may be out of luck if the drive is physically damaged. About the only option (for most) at that point is to either spend a lot of money to attempt data recovery (https://support.wdc.com/warranty/datarecovery.aspx) or move on and either install a new hard drive (search forum for “unbrick” for directions on installing a new hard drive and pushing My Cloud firmware to it) in the My Cloud enclosure or buy a new NAS device. Note the My Cloud Home is not the same as the My Cloud, if anything it may be less of a device than the My Cloud.

If you have been performing a Safepoint / Backup via the My Cloud Dashboard then you can still access what ever My Cloud data was last backed up.

Had a family member destroy their My Cloud hard drive after it fell onto a concrete floor. Enclosure worked fine but the drive itself gave the “click of death”. Replace the hard drive with a new one following one of the various unbrick steps and the unit’s been working fine for several years now.

How did you try to access the drive in Linux? Did you run fdisk pr parted to see how the disk is partitioned?
On a gen1 the data is in partition 4 on a gen2 it is partition 2.