WD my cloud front LED stuck solid yellow

I bought the mycloud 3tb storage 3 years ago and it failed today. I can not connect this device to my network. I tried different ethernet cables. The front power light is solid yellow. I am not sure what to do now, but I have some really important files that i need to recover. i try to reset with pressing back reset switch for 4 seconds and 40 seconds but no effect.

What color are the LED’s on the back and what are they doing when it is connected?

Back ether net port both LED is glowing Green and yellow. Green is blanking and yellow is still but front LED is stuck in yellow. and i can not ping WD my cloud from my PC.

Have you tried a different router port?

Have you tried resetting the router?

If you cannot get the MyCloud to respond (e.g. if the Ethernet port is dead), then you might follow the data recovery process here: