WD My Cloud folders not showing in Mac Finder

I recently setup the My Cloud device and created seven shared folders. All seven folders including the default folders appear when I view them with Windows Explorer. However, when I go on the Mac and try to view the folders with Finder, it is only showing the three default folders: Public, SmartWare and TimeMAchineBackup. The other seven folders are not shown.

Is there something I should be doing in order for the Mac to see the missing shared folders?
My Mac has OS X Yosemite ver. 10.10.5


The following comes from the User Manual, which you may want to look at.

Mac OS X 1. Open a Finder window and locate your My Cloud device under the Shared heading in the side bar. If presented with an authorization page, select Guest, and then click Connect. 2. Click the device to display the Public share and any private shares to which you have access.


That worked. Thanks for your help! Now all my project folders are displaying.


I see all public folders but do not see private folders for which the user has been given read/write access.

Are you using only public folders?