WD My Cloud - File System type - Ubuntu connection question

I have a Ubuntu Linux OS installed on my server and would like to access My Cloud. When I connect via, GUI, I get the FS as afp. The connection shown is: afp://mycloud2-local/Public/MEDIA

When I type ‘mount’ at command line, I do not see the entries. Looked into /etc/mtab it is not there.

I would like to know what Filesystem My Cloud is set, and how do I make a mount entry on my Ubuntu.

I need this setup so I can access the drive from my Plex Media Server.

I found this documentation: http://cocoaallocinit.com/2014/01/04/wd-my-cloud-nas-on-ubuntu/

Isn’t AFP Macs?

Bottom line, NAS devices regardless of Vendor/brand, are usually just some light flavor of Linux. These devices have debian wheeze I believe. So treat it as another Linux server from your Ubuntu server.

For your enjoyment not that I am suggestion you do it, but for more info:

Because the My Cloud uses Samba over the local network you should be able to access it like any other network Samba share. The following link should get you started even though its primarily talking about mapping Windows shares:


The MyCloud NAS supports a number of file systems, SMB, AFP, NFS (I think).

Your Plex server is probably just suggesting the first it finds, which happens to be the Apple File Server protocol, AFP. Which, IIRC, Apple now deprecate in favour of SMB…

The MyCloud OS (based on Debian Wheezy for Gen1) uses ext4, but you won’t see that unless you pull the HDD out of it and connect it via SATA to your Ubuntu machine. But then it won’t be a MyCloud, it will just be a SATA HDD…

I don’t run Plex, but I do run Kodi on various machines, and I suspect Plex uses the same file file syntax to access a NAS.

On Kodi, I connect to my MyCloud using SMB with:


Replace each level of hierarchy name to match your setup…

Hi, try to install autofs and cifs-utils

apt-get install autofs cifs-utils

edit /etc/autofs.master and add this line at the end.

/nas /etc/auto.mycloud --timeout 120,–ghost

create a file /etc/auto.mycloud and add:

myshare -fstype=cifs,user=someuser,domain=WORKGROUP,password=“someuserpass” ://mycloud.ip/myshare/
public -fstype=cifs,user=,domain=WORKGROUP,password="" ://mycloud.ip/public/

for example

/etc/init.d/autofs restart

your shares should be seen in /nas/…


I got my problem resolved. I followed instructions in the link I provided.
showmount -e revealed My Cloud is NFS.
I then proceeded to mount using NFS mount to my folder /media and it is now working like a charm.
$ sudo mount -o soft,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 /media