WD My Cloud EX4 Firmware Update 1.02.25 (12/30/201​3)

Due to the holidays, I didn’t see that we had released this firmware for the EX4.  I know it’s kind of late, but could all of you start posting some of your experiences, questions, or comments here in this thread?  This way we can get a better idea of how things are going with the EX4 firmware update.

Thanks, Bill_S

  1. Using Google Chrome v 31.0.1650.63 and this firmware revision, the:

Home > Network Activity / CPU / Mem widget is intermitently blank.

Changing to another page and back refreshes.

  1. Im also getting the 100% CPU frequently pegged that is in the other thread (but I have not had a chance to read that thread for ideas.)

I’ve noticed a couple of small items.

  1. I had renamed my device and prior to that, when the machine was in standby mode it would state that on the LCD. Now, it will display “standby mode” one time only. If there is activity the display will NOT display standby mode again. I do however receive emails telling me that the device is indeed in standby.

  2. Similar to #2 as posted above, I have the same problem with the network activity widget as well on occasion. It will be blank until I leave that page and come back. I too am using Chrome.

To EX4Shot: since clearing off all of my data, switching to raid 1, then back to raid 5 my EX4 has been running nicely. It was pegged at 100% with no end in sight. Now, it hovers mostly around zero percent with some intermittent jumps but I understand this is normal. So, all is well. Painful experience but it is history now!

Is there any rough guess as to when the next firmware update will be released to deal with the abundance of issues we are having

sxc7885 wrote:

Is there any rough guess as to when the next firmware update will be released to deal with the abundance of issues we are having

I’m sure that they are working on one right now.  As soon as I hear anything I will let you know.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing something soon, and seeing these issues resolved :slight_smile:

PS. You guys are great with your CS. I am shocked how well WD staff is with interacting with their customers. 

I have a new device that I have up and running, with considerable help from tier 2 support.

Two issues that I am having:

  1. Slow file transfer times. Much slower than anything else on my network, even for small files. A file that transfers instantly between PCs on my network will take a minute or more to copy to or from the EX4, when using network file copy. I’m wondering why this is so much slower than anything else.

  2. Everytime I use the backup application, the Dashboard dies, and I get the message “Internal Server Error”. The only way I’ve found to get it back is to power down and power the unit back on after the backup completes. The only way I can see that the back up is complete is by viewing the activity lights on the USB drive that I have attached to the unit. I’m using backup to transfer files from the USB drive to the EX4.



Your both issues are something of a known issues raised by many around here and we are anxiously waiting for next firmware update hoping it will address these as well as other issues.

Do you see slow transfers when moving files from usb or from pc internal disk or both?

Yeah these issues are something WD needs to relase fixes for soon. What shocks me is that WD has the nerve to relase a new prodcut(EX2) before dealing with the majority of what many users including myself would mark them as critical issues on the EX4. Frankly when it comes time to upgrade to a larger server I can tell you that I am 99% sure I will look elsewhere. WD has a great prodcut when it wants to work, and it does for the most part what I want it to do, but like I said when it works. 

I have just bought my EX4 recently about a month back (Feb 2014) and setting it up was a breeze.  The Web UI Dashboard was neat.  Every wanted feature was working perfectly.

Subsequently, there was this prompt for this 1.02.25 firmware upgrade that has created intermittent problems.  The Dashboard is now slow to start up, and start getting intermittent Internal Server connectivity failures.  I saw from other postings that this Internal Server is a common problem - I would have not installed this 1.02.25 patch if I had done the homework first.

Any advice out there, and if there is a new patch to fix these issues?

Meanwhile, I’ll skip firmware updates for now…

Yes, these are known issues.

A firmware upgrade that will hopefully fix these has been promised.

it is a wait and see game right now.

The slow transfers that I’m experiencing are across the network, with or without the USB device.

Are you saying that even if you move data around your network from one device to another (not using Ex4) the transfer is slow for other devices other than the Ex4?

I would have to say yes. Using the network to transfer stuff is always slow and the only time you will see a substantial increase is if it were a thunder drive

sxc7885 wrote:

Is there any rough guess as to when the next firmware update will be released to deal with the abundance of issues we are having

WD needs to work hard on fix the slow performance on this NAS model. Is really very anonying. Is like use an old usb2 memory stick in one old xp computer.

Just moving the network cable to a Synology or Buffalo NAS and I get 2,3,4 and even 5x the speed I’m getting with the EX4Mycloud

I agree totally. Like I have mentioned in other post it shocks me that they have the nerve to release an ex2 before they deal with the major issues plaguing the ex4 and their users. I can tell you that when I go to make the change to a larger system in a few years I will indeed be looking elsewhere; if I don’t just move in the next few months to someone else . I have had the ex4 for only a few months and it is the worst system I have ever seen. Especially now with the remote connection issue and the many flaws with the system WD has released the product to soon and isn’t providing the software patches needed to make it a true cloud powerhouse.

I’m using the EX4 as a simply network share.Firmare version is 1.02.25.

The device keep on be unaccessible every few hours of use.

I’ve disabled power savings, dlna and itunes services.

I’m trying to move large files (40-100 Gb Sql backups) and cannot even complete the file transfer.

Shares stop working and web control page became inaccessible.

The device keep on answer to pings.

Is there a way to see system logs to understand what is happening?

I’ve tried all solutions i’ve found on this forum (including adding a static ip instead of dhcp) but nothing change.

dashboard becoming unresponsvie is a known issue that happens when large data transfers are initiated.

How are you doing the data transfer and using which operating system?

Due to new release of firmware, this thread is now closed.