WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra

Hi, WD Team / Developper.
I am using WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra for my some of users data backup process and at user end I am using smartware software for backup process.
As per smartware it need to configure which file or folder I would like to copy from user(source) end to NAS(target)end, and it will update users data as per options choosen because scheduled and continue backup options present at smartware setting. I know after setting all those things and after taking 1st time backup for a perticular user it will only update newly file or folder or modified file from source to destination. I have tested one thing that is, I have deleted some file inside at terget end inside the particular folder and then againg diesable enable and choosen the source folder from user end but which I deleted from target end did not backed up though it is present at source end or user end.
It should back up because as smart ware using for copy data then which is present at source end but not present at terget end should be copy. But this type of rules has not been configured at smartware application end.
My request kindly look on my point anddevelopped the smartware application which would help us to use WD device for ure daily needs.

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