WD My Cloud Ex2 Ultra - Replace old HD into new unit

My WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra hard drives were very hot to the touch. The network would intermittently disconnect for around 48 seconds on the network, then reappear. Of course any documents in edit process had issues for a disconnect. I have hard-wired 100-baseT through the office. During the disconnect, Internet and other network connections (e.g. printers) were just fine.
Under warranty I received a new WD My Cloud EX2.
Power both down.
I removed my two Red 2TB drives and replaced them in the new WD My Cloud EX2.
Make sure that disk 1 goes back into disk 1 on the newer unit.
Unplug old EX2 cable and plug it into the new EX2 network cable.
Power up new EX2, log into dashboard.
In my case, Chrome kept the “please wait for updates”. It never refreshed. After about 18 minutes the lights had Red-Red-Blue - they eventually all changed to Blue-Blue-Blue.
Refresh the dashboard. Follow instructions.(do not reformat the HD!)
In my case the same IP was used and my remote PC all worked the same.
Note- the Power Supply on the new unit is much bigger, I like that! That could have been the problem?
Running all diagnostics - added a Password - all seems very seamless. Would suggest this would take about 1 hour (including waiting for diagnostics). in total. The Full HD drive diagnostic will take longer.
BE SURE to update the Time zone. the WD time being off from the router time can cause some problems (so I read).
Another interesting site that helped was:

It appeared to be very straight-forward with no problems.