WD My Cloud ex2 down and completely unavailable

Ok, so last night my system went haywire trying to run wdphotodbmerged and the wdmcserverd thing… indexing and all. crippled everything. i turned off cloud access… to make them stop…
then when i tried to turn it back on this morning… it couldn’t connect to the internet.
i did a reset of the system settings… still no connections…

now i can’t log into the wdmycloud.com account… my iOS devices aren’t working… my mac is unable to connect… plex can’t connect… other than able to log into the LOCAL portal and seeing that it’s up and running (CPU going at 100% … ) nothing connects and no files can be browsed. completely locked out.

i tried afp://mycloud as well… also no go… doesn’t even find it.

when i try to use finder … in mac os x el capitan… all down… connection failure.

the iOS apps fail too… get the NCURLxxxx errors… even trying to connect to local device.

anyone else got problems like these? did WD push something through?

WD have some isseus with there servers so http://mycloud.com is down

would that explain why local connections all dead too?

No you still can logon on your local network! what you can try is turn of the power of you mycloud and restart it

nope. can’t. i could earlier today… then it stopped working. and trying to get support is impossible. because their site is down.

I know i have the the problem to install my new pr4100 because they are down

Our support site is not down…

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thnx i didnt know that

right what i’m trying to figure out… is if i’m not able to connect to local network… should i contact support now or wait a bit? cause every workaround is telling me to go through the wdmycloud login. is wd assuming that local connections should be working

As far as I know the issue everyone is talking about should not affect your ability to access the drive locally. If you have tried both a 4 and 40 second reset and are still unable to access the drive on your local network, something else is wrong (with the drive, network, or PC) and you might want to get in touch with support to help narrow it down if nothing else.

Here are instructions on how to reset the drive:

whatever was going on yesterday had my cloud blinking its led and not allowing me to access the dashboard on the home network even when i plugged it in directly to my Ethernet on my PC i had to do the 4 second reset and its been grinding ever since for about 12 hrs now. I could access it via windows explorer and drag and drop files but the upload speed to the mycloud acted as if there was something major going on with it. I think there is more going on then they are telling us.There shouldn’t have been problems with the device on Ethernet or being able to access the dashboard.


Whatever ‘the issue’ is… WD have, once again, failed completely to describe exactly what their problem is, or, or more importantly what users will experience as a result of that problem (so they know that it is ‘the issue’, and not one of the many other ‘issues’ that users experience with the MyCloud.

It really is a pathetic effort at informing customers of what is going on. I’m an engineer, not used to dealing with customers. I really shouldn’t have to be telling you how to do your support job properly…

Finally got to the dashboard took awhile to load the drive was so busy Had to disable cloud access to get it from grinding and faster logging into the dashboard all is well now. Thank for @ALEX_KNIGHT starting this post i wish there was a way to tell if data was being sent from mycloud device.

yeah for me nothing works. i can log in, and i can see via the dashboard … the drives and files… but none of my tools can stably access anything. i can get LAN access via IOS… but every time i kill the app, the connection goes out and i hvae to reregister the device… now my wd device says i have 45+ cloud devices attached… which i only have 3.
mac still can’t connect. over the internet… nothing works

i think it’s isolated with my machine… and it’s likely due to me messing with it while this whole fiasco was going on. the timing was horrible. i look back… and if i had just let it be… and left it alone… i bet things would have gone back to usual.