WD My Cloud doesn't work well with tablet

I bought the 2 terabyte product mainly as a streamer for large video files.  I have a Samsung Tab 4 (10.1), and when I try to use the tab to play large files (over 3 gigs), it is very choppy.  On smaller files it is fine.  I will be traveling and want to use the WD as an entertainment center.  When I put a large file on Dropbox, it streams well to the tablet.  The most cache that my tablet will allow me to allocate to WD is 3 gigs.  (I have a 64 gig sd card)   Is there any solution for my problem or should I simply return the product.  Any help would be appreciated.  My internet download speed is 28 mb and upload speed is 9.4 mb.  Thanks,


is it “choppy” on the local LAN? or just remote?

what is the Internet upload speed where the mycloud is? advertized and measured with somthing like speedtest.net

larryg: As far as I know, I have never accessed it on the lan and wouldn’t want to because the main function of the tablet in this instance is as an entertainment device when I am travelling.  But if useful for diagnostic purposes, I am happy to do so if someone can explain how to do it.

2.  How do I find the internet speed for the mycloud.  I simply used speedtest on my C drive and have no idea how to test connection for My Cloud.  Thanks for your help.

run the speedtest.net test form any computer brower on the same LAN as the mycloud. Just trying to determin your upload speed with your Internet provider

Hi Larryg,

       Did run the speedtest with Firefox browser, which is how I access WD My Cloud.

and what is the upload speed?