WD my cloud does not show my pictures

I need desparate help with my cloud device. I have called technical support and they helped me to FINALLY get connected to my WD hard drive. Now, when I open my picture folders that have the pictures from three years ago, every one of them is empty. It says that 750 GB has been used and that is a lot of data, but no pictures or any thing. I am sure we did not delet them. I have spent three hours over the phone since Sunday, and still no luck. I am using Mac computer with OSX Yosemite version 10.10.5. I am so scared that I may have lost my pictures over these three hours even though we did not do any thing just try to connect the WD my cloud to my mac computer. IT works well when I use the cable directly to connect it to my computer. I get to public folder where all my folders are there, but they are all empty.