WD My Cloud Desktop App, How to change between Users

It appears that the WD MyCloud Desktop App only allows (first time) one User to login?  How to switch to a different User Account? I have a PC that different users utilize with one Login…MyCloud has multiple users and I wish to allow them access from the common PC.

1st thing I would suggest is don’t use the desktop app for most local office, use file explorer

add users as need to the PC so each user has there own login

there proably is a way to change users in it but this issue goes away if each PC user has there own account

Understood and what you propose is good practice.  I was training someone using one of my PC’s and I did a fresh install of the MyCloud Desktop…first connection was to that specific User’s Account (and password).  Now I am stuck with that User for that PC unless I uninstall and re-install the MyCloud Desktop app.  It just would be reasonable to be able to ‘Log0ff’ from one user and Logon again…even if always the same user…  Not a big deal…just would be more usable.

there is a disconnect option in the settings menu that you can try

I have a similar problem but my app is just blank, does nothing and shows no drives, doesn’t show  anything. The first time it worked bu then stopped responding and now it does nothing, just a blank window.

Hi, in the My Cloud app, click on the lines on the right side (Mac version) and then click on Disconnect. 

Next time a user can try to log in via either the local connection in the lan or via MyCloud. :smiley:

Where it says “WD My Cloud” in a drop downmenu at the top left of the desktop app screen, click on the dropdown menu.

Select “Add Device”.

When the “Connect to Device” window pops up, click on “Connect to devices with WDMyCLoud.com login” at the bottom right.

Enter your login details for your account - then add the WD My Cloud device, and it will login to your user area for the device.

I just had the same problem myself and took me 5 mins to figure it out.
A simple “Log out” or “Switch User” tab would be simpler…

Same thing on MYBOOKLIVE. I wouldn’t be using it if I wasn’t having issues with the Windows 10 file explorer. I renamed a file with windows file explorer but the file isn’t saying on WDMBL in windows when I changed it only the rename worked.