WD My Cloud - Can't ping but shows up on DHCP list


My apologies if this topic was already discuss but could not find a solution.

Basically, my computer has no more access to my WD-My Cloud external drive since yesterday. I have not made any changes to it or my router or my computer. But there was a power outage yesterday so there could be a link.

Here are the symptoms:
-Red light blinking on WD My Cloud
-For the past 4 hours, there has been hard drive activity according to the sound coming out of this external drive. But has I’m writing this post, no more activities.
-My Cisco router shows it is connected with an IP address even after deleting it and refreshing the DHCP client list.
-No ping response from DOS command prompt using the above IP address
-Unable to open its dashboard
-Cannot be detected by Windows 10 Network within Windows Explorer

What I have tried;
-Searched this group
-Reset the router
-4 sec. reset to the My Cloud
-10 sec reset to the My Cloud
-Installed a switch between the router and My Cloud

All of the above did not improve the situation.

Please help

Hi andrestonge,

I would suggest you to refer the link provided below to check the status of the device.



Thank you for the link.

I looked it up but the solution cannot be applied because the drive cannot be detected. Y my router and my computer.

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Here is a possible solution - I don’t really know if this will work, but it can’t hurt:

  • shut off both MyCloud and your computer
  • connect ethernet directly from MyCloud to computer (no switch or router)
  • power up computer, then MyCloud
  • after they are both up, type “arp -a” in DOS command prompt
  • see if they have negotiated a link-local address 169.254.X.X
  • try to access MyCloud in browser using link-local

I understand there are issues with Windows 10 and SMB ( I use Macs & Linux :wink: - if you get access, you may have to changes the smb-global.conf to resolve it, which I can help with.