WD My Cloud cannot enable SSH

Hi I just got a refurb My Cloud and when I go to enable SSH it asks for password. I create one but there isn’t an ok button and pressing enter does nothing.

How do I get past this?
I have Windows 10 64-bit

Which My Cloud device do you own? Is it this WDMyCloudImage

Did you turn on SSH in the Dashboard?
Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Does your password meet the requirements, numbers, letters and special characters?

I can’t get the SSH button to turn blue, like yours is. My screen capture is from the “enable SSH” menu. I’m using a capital, number and a special character, but its stuck at the “create password” screen, with no way to proceed.

Did you hit carriage return?

yes, several times, nothing happens. I’ve seen the same screenshot in youtube videos, all of them have an OK button at the bottom of the screen. I’ve opened a case with tech support and sent them my OS and system info, etc. We’ll see what they say.

Have you tried different browsers; what browser are you using?

Chrome. I’ll try firefox, see what hapens

Nope, same exact issue in every browser

Looks like display DPI Scaling issue, try to set to 100%.

Indeed. Looks like the bottom of the window is being cut off. The “OK” button wont activate until the “I agree” box is checked.

It might be possible to “keyboard navigate” though.

Fill out the fields, press TAB once. Press the space bar. Press TAB twice. Press the space bar.

See if that makes it do the thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point. Windows screen scaling causes problems with a number of programs; it’s viewport definition doesn’t seem to be implemented very well.

On Android Chrome, I can move the dialogue box; maybe try dragging it in Windows?

Well, the tab/space bar combo just exits the menu. My DPI scaling is already at 100 percent. “I agree” box was checked before creating the password. Can’t drag the dialogue box at all. Not sure when tech support will get around to responding.

Do you have an android device you can try? That allows you to pinch zoom, and drag the box around?

Or can you use the browser’s zoom to zoom out?

Weird! It does work on Android! Password is set and the button is blue. Thank you so much! Any tips on adding mobile access? I know it sends a code and mentions a mobile app. Is that available at the Google App store/Google Play?