WD My Cloud attached to different router and unable to login to dashboard

Hi all,

Here is the problem I face: The WD My Cloud 2T I use has a permanent IP address and port forwarding fixed, which I had configured for use with my old router. Now, I have transferred the My Cloud to a new router and although I can see it in the finder, in the shared devices [I use a MacBook Pro], I can’t login to the dashboard. I am afraid that the problem has to do with the fact mentioned above: that the My Cloud has the IP address for my older router. Unfortunately, I have no access to the older router any more, as I have recently relocated. So, I was wondering if reseting the My Cloud would erase the old IP [assuming that this indeed is the problem], and if reseting would also erase my data.

Please, help, I really don’t know how to go about this problem.



P109 of the User Manual describes the effect of a four-second reset:

"Resetting with Power On

If you  have set a password or a static IP  address on the WD My Cloud dashboard  and  have forgotten it, pressing  the reset  button while the  device is powered up resets the password  to the default value of none and to default IP settings. The default IP setting  is DHCP. Resetting does not erase your files."

Alternatively, read your router’s user manual, and find out how to set a static IP for a device.

ok, this is tricky as those two are different…

  • Do you get the dashboard login screen but your password does not work?


  • The login page is never displayed?

Actually the reset will fix both (check manual), but those are two totally different issues…

Thanks for your answer. After posting the question, I accidentally came across the user manual and the passage you quote. I’ll try it and see what happens. I think this should solve the problem. It also says that the date won’t be lost. Fingures crossed…

@Shabuboy: Actually, the login page is never displayed; the only thing I get is the WD My Cloud in the shared devices in Finder, and the WD Quick View button in menu bar, but not working. This sort of “disfunctionality” led me think about the old IP settings already saved in the disk. Thanks for your help.