WD My Cloud as Web server

Just as an experiment really, 

I tried following this for the My book live, but I have the error saying ‘My-WWW does not exist!’


Any help would be much appreicated.

Here’s another way you can do it:

Browse with SSH to the WWW folder.

In UI you have the normal WD dashboard page.

Copy your page into the normal WWW folder. Name your index.html file as something else, example: test.html.

Open your browser and go to: http://***wdip***/test

Your page should load up.

Forgot to mention… the HTML has to reside in the WWW folder and not in another subfolder - I haven’t tested it that way.

Also, I  believe that apache is set up on this device that any file that is called index or home will redirect to the /UI site.

Any chance you could do a step by step walk through?

Im not too familiar with SHH, I can log in and such, but im not sure what command lines to use.

No need to learn any commands. Get WinSCP and you can use that to copy the files.

Works an abolsute treat.  Thank you!

This is very interesting, just what I was after doing.  Thought about setting up an intranet at home.

Is there any way to add Wordpress or similar to the MyCloud?


I tried to install Owncart and came to problems with an out of date PHP5-common, and in an attempt to update the package - I bricked it. Worked fine with a normal HTML site but I dont know how you’ll get on with wordpress and it’s dependencies.