WD My Cloud App view


I am having hard time figuring out if the WD My Cloud App allows you to change the view on files? I am specifically looking to change the view on the photos that are backed up to the drive. Currently the App shows them as files and I don’t know if there is a way to change the view on photos so that they appear as a picture rather than jus a file? Just like in Windows I can see the photos are large or small icons. This makes life a lot easier to find what picture I am looking for in a specific folder rather than just guessing or just opening one file at a time to get to the right picture.

Please note that the My Cloud App that I use is on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 phone.




The WD My Cloud app will not show the pictures as thumbnails only the WD Photos App will do this.

Thanks for the reply. WD photos App only allows pictures from public folder. Is there a way to add my private share to this app?