WD My Cloud app for ipad shows white screen after the splash screen

I upgraded the iPad My Cloud app just now and now I can’t access my files on the app. When I click on the app, the new splash screen shows for a second and then the screen turns white. Whether I’m on vpn or not, the white screen just doesn’t go away. I’ve tried rebooting it as well. Nothing works.

What’s odd is that when I double click the home button, I could see my folders in the My Cloud app, but when I click on the app, it goes back to the white screen.

What’s going on? Does anyone know what to do?


Only suggestion would be to delete the app and reinstall it…

Yes, you will need to “Re-Pair” your device after you do that…

Thanks Tony for your reply. I know you are trying to help but let me share my frustration.

I went through many rounds of reinstalling the app and re-downloading all my folders and files for offline access in the past. The trauma and frustrations still haunt me. That’s why I’m totally disappointed with WD’s support. The solution recommended is always to re-install. I have over 4GB of offline folders and files to download and I don’t always succeed on first try.

I’m hoping for a less dramatic solution. In any case I just followed the instruction to update my app and this is what I get.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not dissing your suggestion. I appreciate you are trying to help. Thanks.

I thought it could be something wrong with my ipad. I’m at home now and I (stupidly) just updated the app on my personal iPad Air and the white screen of death also struck. There is clearly a problem with the update.

Thank you WD for wasting hours of my time downloading the folders and files. When this drive reaches its end life, you can be sure I won’t buy another WD.

This has happened to me to. I cannot connect my iphone or ipad. 

Are there any constructive suggestions apart from reinstall the app.

I couldn’t wait anymore, so I reinstalled the app and re-downloaded the 4GB of data.