WD My Cloud app (for Android) does not display the last item in folders



I’m experiencing a strange issue with my WD My Cloud app.
I’m running on Android on Samsung S4 Mini phone.
My app is connected to my MyCloudEX2Ultra box

Whatever folder I browse with the app, the last item is NOT displayed. When I change the sort order, this is the first item that is missing. I can reproduce it in folders containing pictures, other files or folders.
For exemple, I have a folder containing 26 files named from A to Z :

  • by default (default sort order), the Z file is missing
  • I revert the sort order (from Z to A) : the A file is missing
    This is systematic.

Does anyone have the same issue ? What is the solution ?

Many thanks for your help.




I haven’t seen this case.

Was the files added recently? Did you tried resetting the unit or reinstalling the app.


No, some files are very old, and I have the same problem with such files.
I didn’t try to reinstall the app, but I will try.



I’ve the same problem with the WD My Cloud app running on Android on a Samsung S4 Mini phone.

It took me some time to understand the problem, because at first I thought that the app doesn’t synchronize right and doesn’t see these files on the Cloud (although I refreshed the folder’s content). But then I realized that if I’m in a folder with exactly one more file than fits on the screen without a scroll area and I delete a file inbetween, suddenly the last file “appears”.

What I also realized is, that if I’m in a folder with plenty of files and the scroll bar on the right hand side of the display is very small, at the end of the folder the scroll bar disappears, just like the app assumes that the displayed area is bigger than it is!?

Has anyone found a solution for this problem? It’s a bit annoying always to have to change the sort order to see the last file.

Thanks for your help.



I’m experiencing this same problem on two devices, on my phone and on Nexus 7 tablet. It is very annoying to change sorting all the time and sometimes even that doesn’t help. For example, if you have many folders and just one file of different type (.jpg, .mov, .avi…) together, the file will always be last no matter if sorted A to Z or Z to A. Please fix this.

Thanks, Martin.