WD my cloud app doesnt find the device connecting from outside if mt net

I’ve installed win 10 buid 10565 on my surface 3 pro. accessing from outside, with WD my cloud isn’t possible since a message “impossible to connect to the device” if displayed after researching. By contrary at home I’ve no problem.
Any idea?

Does this also happen you try to access your files using the web file viewer?

Have you set up the drive for remote access yet?

Just trying my remote access, which has been working before. I now get error 905 or error 907.

I checked the settings on my remote access device last nice, and cloud access is enabled, and it reports that port forwarding is successful. So all looks good at the MyCloud end.

Now to the WD MyCloud app…

I couldn’t remember the process to connect a device, so I removed the non-remote device using the ‘manage devices’, and then went to ‘manually add device’ it asked for a device code. Okay, so I remember that. But I thought I’d go look at the online help.

And I couldn’t find an obvious ‘how do I access my MyCloud with WD My Cloud?’. Which, given that the app is really for My Cloud users, seems a bit odd. Lots of stuff for every Cloud provider under the sun, but not one for WD’s My Cloud products.

So, how about adding the obvious help item to explain how to use WD My Cloud app to access a WD My Cloud device…? Or was it so obvious you didn’t think to add it…?

Open the webinterface of your My Cloud device, click on “Cloud Access” icon in the menu bar and generate a code for the user you want to grant access.

Open the App on the Surface 3, scroll down to Manually add a My Cloud device and type in the code xxxx-yyyy-zzzz. Fastest way to get a proper connection from Mobile App to My Cloud device.

Thanks Joerg; I know how to do it…

I was making a feedback suggestion to Bill_S to improve WD’s help system…

There’s still the question of why a device that could previously do remote access can no longer do remote access… What changed?

Does disabling cloud access destroy all remote device mappings, so they need to be re-created when Cloud access is turned on again?

Let me answer upside-down:

No, disabling the Cloud will not remove the mapped devices; only access will stop temperary.
But please be aware that the Apps need to be updated too due to my next answer.

What has changed within the My Cloud OS 3 update is more or less the whole backend authentication. Now all devices are on token based authentication. Therefore all device IDs changed to a new style but fortunately none of the devices dropped after the sucessfull update to My Cloud OS 3. New My Cloud portal in use is www.mycloud.com, so everybody can use web based browsing to access the own My Cloud instead of having installed the WD Cloud Desktop App.

My last access was post-OS3 firmware, and updated Android app. So that hasn’t changed.

One annoying thing is that you have to be remote from your local network to apply the access code; if you’re local, it simply asks for your user name and password.

And, having entered the authorisation code remotely, I still can’t access my device.

Nope, the Code works both remote and local. Establishing a code connenction to any My Cloud device is under “Manual” and then “WD device” and the end of the device management section, one above the Passport Wireless icon.

Establishing a code connenction to any My Cloud device is under “Manual” and then “WD device” and the end of the device management section, one above the Passport Wireless icon.

I know that’s how it’s meant to work, and that’s the method I’m using to attempt to establish a remote connection.

Only it isn’t working; I use ‘Manage devices/services’ and remove the existing (not functional) connection. Then I create a new activation code. I then go remote from my network (within 48 hours) and again use ‘Manage devices/services/Add manually’, and enter the activation code, which is accepted. But I still get network error reports (905, IIRC), after sitting scrolling its little cloud symbol for ages.

If I try to connect to another device on which I have disabled cloud access, I get a ‘Network connection failure (907)’ quite quickly.

Nope, the Code works both remote and local.

If you are local to your network, you are not asked for the activation code; you are asked for your login credentials. You have to be external to your local network to be asked for the activation code, which makes for a rather long turnaround time when trying to diagnose/debug. At least that is my recent experience.