WD My Cloud and PS4 online gaming problems

Cant see that anyone else has had this issue on here.

Both the cloud and my PS4 are connected to the same router. When they are both switched on, PS4 online gaming connections get very slow. I have done a speed test and the speeds are fine (10mb+ DL speed). As soon as I turn the cloud off the PS4 works fine.

Any ideas?

How many other devices do you have on your network? Is the PS4 connected by cable or wifi? If wifi are you on
2.4 GHz or 5 GHz?

What is your download speed?


Hi there are 3 wifi devices and 3 LAN connected including the Cloud.

The cloud is LAN and PS4 is WiFi. Router is only 2.4GHz. When I run a network test on the PS4 I get 74% signal which is the same when the cloud is on or off. The PS4 gaming issue is the same as when I used to have really low internet speeds.

Could they be using the same ports?

The download test speed on a test is 10mb.


I have several things on my home network so during the past year I have bought a new Linksys 1900 AC router and just improved my desktop to a 208.11 ac network adapter. Since I have both 2.4 and 5 GHz band I have my Roku3 for streaming TV, music and movies and desktop on the 5 GHz. I just updated my wifi and here is a recent test I performed on it. See image below.

You may want to take a look at this article and try it out. It may help.