WD My Cloud 4TB - You need permission to perform this action


Windows 7 64 Bit Pro

Linksys EA6500 with Linksys Ethernet Gigabit hub

WD My Cloud 4Tb (NAS) connected to Ethernet Hub (see above).

Public Custom Share Folder.

While trying to delete an empty folder, changing the folder attributes (Read-only) blue box I have the following message:

_ You need permission to perform this action. _

Thus I am unable to delete the folder and to change the attributes!

There is no possibility (access denied) to change the owner setting/change permission - folder property security tab:

An error occured while applying security information to: (…)

A router is password/user protected.

I will deeply appreciate any helphul clue to resolve this … problem. Thank you in advance.

Hello, is this occuring on a private or public share?


For both. I have switched from public to private to test the problem. Same result.

As the folder has been empty there was no danger to lost the content while changing Share Folder access.