WD My Cloud 4TB With Samsung Smart TV


I have bought a new smart TV and struggling to get my WD My cloud to display all the files on the TV. For example I have 760+ movies but it is only showing 526. All the files are in the same format (MP4), and for some reason it is not showing movies from N to R.

Any ideas? I have tried to rebuild my DLNA database via the WD My cloud dashboard but showing no change.



Hello Ben,

I had the same issue with my 3 TB Gen2 single bay. Try to access Twonkey UI by entering the IP address of your My Cloud in the web browser address bar followed by :9000. Example: http://192.168.1.xx:9000

After accessing it, go to Setup, Navigation Tree and set from Advanced Media Navigation to By Folder and save it. This should change the navigation on your Smart TV to your defined folder structure.

Hope this help.

Cheers, Chris

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for coming back to me. Even though this has given me more knowledge on the best way to use my WD my cloud. Unfortunately this hasn’t fixed my problem, I have even tried splitting the files down into two folders (didn’t know if there was an upper limit on the amount of files the tv could recognise).

Thanks Again,


Hi Ben,

I’m sorry to hear that, let’s try something else. How do you organize your folder structure?

My playing library is a bit smaller (about 500+ movies), but I still having 1/3 of my DVD collection left to capture. Since I do use the “By Folder” option, I’m able to get a personal folder structure. A great and visceral tool to handle it is WD Access, found in the download section.

For example, I also split my playing library in multiple folder and subfolders, so that the Smart TV has less to display at once:


  • Blockbuster

  • Film A

    • File Format
    • Preview Pic
  • Film B

  • Family

  • Popcorn

  • Series

Etc. That’s how I arranged it, and it works great, without a issue.

Cheers Chris