WD My Cloud 4TB + LG TV's 2013 & 2014 - seek functionality and subtitles - firmware v.4


while I am waiting for my new WD My Cloud device (first one was RMA’d correctly by WD) I would like to ask if there is someone on this forum that has either 2013 or 2014 series of LG TV’s and new firmware v4 to check if seek option is available i.e. using left and right arrows of the player to go to random point of the video and commence with small buffering.

This was not working on my original v3 unit combined with srt issues rendered the device quite unusable combined with LG TV’s. I hope that both issues work fine on v4 (one is documented as corrected).

My router has minidlna and attached usb stick works perfectly concerning seek and srt’s.

Additionally - does anyone know what type of drive do they put in these? Is it green or red?

I do not know the exact hard drive model inside the WD My Cloud or own an LG Smart TV. However, if your router’s DLNA server is able to use the files stored within your NAS, then I would recommend using your router for streaming as it would provide DLNA server media features more in tune with your preferences.


Wd My Cloud uses the red HDD’s.

I don’t know about your seek functionality, but if it doesn’t work, you could always install minidlna on your my cloud (firmware <4 is needed)


I have an LG TV (2012 model I think) and can confirm the seek function works on it.  I think LG uses the same Smart software on their TVs so I’m guessing it should work on yours too.


Not the exact scenario you mention, but it might give you some ideas…

I have an LG5700 (2013/2014). But I removed the tedious Twonky and installed the superior MiniDLNA (My Cloud downgraded to firmware 3.x).

Only things that doesn’t work are:

  1. Chapters

  2. Embbeded subtitles

  3. Audio track selection

Before, on 3.x firmware and with Twonky, I had several issues. Some of them you already mentioned.

AFAIK, there’s no way to have chapters or multiple (embbeded) subtitles. And the only way to select audio tracks is pluging the drive directly to the TV.