WD My Cloud 4TB Email Addresses issues and Unable to Create User Accounts Sign Up

Hi all,

I have just recently bought the WD My Cloud 4TB. I noticed that I faced issues when I am entering the email addresses for web access. I will be prompted that the web access account cannot be created (250007). I made use of a hotmail account. It has happened that the one of the gmail account was allowed to be entered but on many occassions it will fail again.

Hence I am unable to proceed with WDMyCloud.com Login sign ups for the different users.

The Firmware I am currently using is v03.04.01-219

I have done a Quick Factory Restore but it did not seem to help.

Will appreciate if someone can provide me with some advice.


I understand that there were others who were facing similar issues. I am wondering if everyone else is also facing the same issues? For those who are able to create web access account for users, is it because of an older firm ware? If so, where can I download the older firmware?


I too am having the exact same issue.  I am hoping that due to how long ago this thread was started, that perhaps a solution was found.

Every time I try to create a user account through the dashboard, I get the following error:

A bad request was made. (200400)

If anyone knows how to fix this issue, so I can get another accouint set up in order to try sharing out some folders, that would be really appreciated!