WD My Cloud 3TB & server DLNA Twonky Media

Good morning everyone.
Has anyone tried to replace the Twonky installed on board with Serviio?
Can coexist on the WD My Cloud or you must remove the Twonky?
I have a Sony KDL-23EX320 TV network that does not play AVIs in any configuration planned for Sony devices.
I read that Serviio should ensure compatibility (logically before I will try to install the software on your PC to check).
Has anyone had this experience and can give me some directions?
Thank you.
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I have never tried this since it is not supported. Please be aware that this process may void the warranty on the WD My Cloud.

You do not necessarily have to set up Serviio on the device itself.  I just set up my Serviio which is installed on my PC, so it could access the shares on the WD My Cloud.  It’s a little extra work, but worth it, since you do not void the warranty on the WD My Cloud.

After installing Serviio on your PC, follow these steps to allow Serviio to access the shares on your drive.

First, create a user account on your PC, that has the exact same name and password as used on the WD My Cloud.  I also gave this account administrator rights.  It may work without this option, but I recommend doing it to make sure there are no problems.  Once verified it works, you can then lower the rights of the account and see if it still works or not.

Next, open your Services menu from your control panel, or go to the run prompt and type “services.msc” and press enter.

Next, go to the Serviio service and right-click and select Properties.  In the properties, go to the “Log On” tab.

Next, choose “This Account” and set it up for the user account you created earlier.

Next, right-click the Serviio service and choose Stop.  Then choose Start after it has stopped.

After you have restarted the service, you can now access the shares on your drive in the Library section of Serviio.  Just click on “Add Local” and browse to “Network” and then your WDMyCloud.  Choose the directory on the drive you want to share from and select it and add it to your library.  If it doesn’t work right away, you may have to also reboot your WD My Cloud.

Following these steps, I can now successfully serve files from my WD My Cloud drive to the Serviio service on my PC.  Sure, it would be great to actually serve them directly from the WD My Cloud itself, but by doing it this way, you can use the power of your PC, which is more than likely more powerful than the WD My Cloud, for transcoding the files, as well as maintain your warranty.

It works very well for me, and I don’t have any issues streaming movies to my Roku or Smart TV.

Or, you can buy the WD1TB and a second external HD enclosure with a 2TB (or whatever) drive and connect to the WD My Cloud via USB which allow you to stream videos, from the external drive through MyCloud from Roku without any additional setup or manipulation…

How would you install Serviio _ON_ the WDMyCloud device?

Is there another user interface like a true Remote Desktop that would allow access to the OS level of the device?

For me, having Serviio on my laptop/pc is not a viable solution because I do not want/have this device on all the time. This essentially adds more devices required to perform a simple task, which is why I bought this in the first place to make things simpler/easier. If there is a way to install locally on MyCloud I would be interested in that. I haven’t had much of a chance to investigate that aspect as of yet, so it there may be more out there available, but right now I am considering buying another enclosure, I have a 1TB that I can put my movies on, and connect via USB on MyCloud and stream through Roku. Yes. It still is another device, but less consuming and can be on all the time without my actual interaction.



why do you not converting your AVIs in some format which anderstanding by your TV?

I have convert all my videos in AVI with formatfactory http://www.formatoz.com/. That’s my favorit format.