WD My Cloud 3tb lost macbook air connection after firmware update

Hi, I have a WD mycloud 3tb sitting on my network, i store pics, vids etc of family and my work… i cant access the work after a firmware update from my macbook air… it usually connects fine. The Sony TV can still connect anfd look at the family pics etc. 

The my cloud user inerface thing says the following




there is plenty free, it just seems like the macbook air cannot connect… ive rebooted everything…Please can someone advise as I have mission critical files on this thing, i need to get my work done.

Please Help


how long has it been since the firmware upgrade? it can take a long time to finish indexing media files and appear mostly dead during this time

Current Version WDMyCloud v04.01.03-421 : Core F/W

Last Update Monday, February 23, 2015 9:42:52 PM

its finished indexing, Last Update Tuesday, February 24, 2015 4:21:00 AM

ive rescanned it… the mycloud web app seems able to get info from ok… i cant connect through mac finder as i usually do

do you use SSH? if so do a ls -l /etc/samba/overall_share if the size shoes 0 you will need to do a system only restore which leaves data asn shares in place, everything else reset like new. if it is not 0 size run cat /etc/samba/overall_share and look for the share you are trying to access and post that section

If you are very comfortable in Linux it can be manually created instead

if you don’t use SSH I would do the system only restore