WD My Cloud 2TB

Purchased WD MyCloud2TB in March and have come to the end of my tether.

It is really slow during the afternoons (GMT), transferring data from folders to my Macbook, and more often than not goes offline.  Current message ‘Device Offline. This device is inaccessible only local files are available’, and clearly it is on!

If I cannot find a fix to this persistant issue then it is going in the bin, any ideas?

your are not alone, mate. And it seems that WD support is not taking these issues serious.

Thanks for your message.

Yesterday afternoon the WD MyCloud was hopeless for about 5 hours, I could not open files, transfer or look at data, then at about 19.00 it came back up and was running smoothly all evening, apart from ‘remote access disabled’ which I have not done.

It worked fine this morning, I then went out for a couple of appointments, upon my return at about half one I needed to open new folders and the thing is absolutley useless again, I am just sitting here watching the coloured wheel spin round on my Mac.

Although it took a while my iPad was able to connect.

I have no idea why it goes AWOL in the afternoons/