I am very dissappointe that only 2 months after purchasing the WD My Cloud 2TB,  the drive has failed.  In that 2 months I had uploaded and stored a lot of work product and personal files relying on the drive to save me in the event of my computer failing.  I am not alone in this,  there are many other people that have experienced this same failure as well.  Now they tell me I need to return the Drive to get a new one,  but that I have to pay a data recovery specialist to retrieve my data from the drive?  Unbeleivable!!!  Data recovery is very expensive and I trusted WD with my vital info,  no More!  I want my Money back and Forget you WD,  you will no longer get any of My business,  I know that proably doesn’t scare you,  but if you do this to enough people it you will lose a lot of business.

Not a good way to do business,  Good Bye Cruel WD!

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While this is a rather unfortunate situation, I’m curious to know what happened to your data. In your original post you seem to describe a backup process in case your computer is to malfunction. However and sadly your WD My Cloud was the one to stop working. Did your computer stop working as well at the same time or just before your WD My Cloud did? If you were running backups into your WD My Cloud then your original files should still be within your computer.


I don’t understand either.  If you are using a single storage device to store your data, without any other back up, then you are foolish.  NEVER place your trust in a single point of failure unless you’re prepared to lose the data.

As Trancer says, isn’t your data still on your PC?

And no, I’m not a WD apologist; far from it.  But I am quite fair…

I often get attachments that are work product related and to avoid overloading my laptop Hard drive I would save them directly to the WD drive. No my laptop is fine. This is just disappointing sins WD acquired HGST, I’ve seen a decline in their quality. The fact that they only wanted to give a remanufactured drive is pure Bull**bleep**! If a brand new drive failed I’m supposed to trust someone else’s failed drive that WD said they’re “Certified” as remanufactured? Load of **bleep** this drive is only a few months old. I’m done with WD. Just give me my purchase price back, end of story!

Will call me foolish if you want, but **bleep** is a back up drive for? Especially a brand new drive. You Friggin wire heads seem to revel in belittling and laughing at those less tech savvy even when we follow the advice you give us to back up to secure media.

Tell me what would you have done wise **bleep**? Should I have backed up to 2 drives? 3 drives? 25 drives? What? Tell me your solution.

Why did that bleep me? I didn’t use profanity??? Another WD error???

eojocd wrote:

Not a good way to do business,  Good Bye Cruel WD!

If you think any other manufacturer is different, you’re in for an awakening…

All consumer drive manufacturers replace RMAs with re-manufactured / recertified drives.  Only time you get a new one is if the supply chain doesn’t have enough to cover them.

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eojocd wrote:
Why did that bleep me? I didn’t use profanity??? Another WD error???

Don’t take it personal, I am sure no one meant any disrespect; this is the nature of forums. We are all users like you, trying to help each other.

The point is, yes, multiple backups no matter which product or online backup system you buy. Never trust hardware or software no matter what marketing says.

Like you,I was given a laptop at work with only 250 GB. Everything is backed up 3 times on 3 separate drives (including wdmycloud).

Can be costly but what is the price on your data?

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A backup is a copy of your primary, working data.  If you don’t keep a copy of a file anywhere else, but store it on only one drive, then it’s not backed up, even if you store it on your ‘backup drive’.

A drive can fail at any time, even when new; it’s known as ‘infant mortality’.  As I said, never trust a single drive with data you cannot afford to lose.

I wasn’t laughing at you.  Would you be happier with ‘naive’, rather than ‘foolish’?  Hopefully, you will have learned to implement a complete backup regime, and will not lose irreplacable data in future.

In addition to a current local backup you should also have a periodic offsite backup, think fire, theft, disaster…

generally with electronic devices they fail fairly soon or last years but they will fail