WD My Cloud 2tb... better be call WD My Storm!

WD My Cloud 2tb worked for only 5 days, in which, constantly got disconnected from net and stop working, transfer files from USB device was slow and tortuous, took me about 12 hours to transfer 320gb and almost 18 hours to add extra 500gb. Not to mention transfer files over wifi, about 2mb/s using a class N Huawei Router.

His last day of activity, got restarted several times, then got frozen with intermintent yellow light, after that couldnt bring it back to normal operation(4 sec restart/40 sec full restore) (change network cables, using different adsl routers), tried this for almost 2 days, with no signal of recover access or functionality.


I think the slow speed is because of your slow wifi speed.

I have the 3gb version of MyCloud and get 40mb/sec when I copy files from my pc to the drive via wired gigabit connection.

Via wifi I also get 2-3 mb/sec but that is also because of my slow wifi performance.

No idea why your device stopped working. Mine works still fine.