WD My Cloud - 2.x firmware - what else has changed ....?

Sadly my old 2Tb My Cloud died - but WD did an RMA and replaced it (thanks for the support!).

The replacement runs the 2.x firmware instead of the 4.x one I had previously and I can see it has 512Mb of RAM and I’m fairly sure the old one had 256Mb. What else has changed - CPU different? It seems a little faster. Although that could be because I haven’t restored much.

Is it an arm cpu?

I also notice that the shutdown has vanished from the GUI. And indeed there is no shutdown in /sbin.

I’ve found a halt in /usr/sbin … also the last 4.x firmware seemed quite similar to debian. I’m not really sure what this is.


If you look at the files in /bin and /sbin you will see that most are symbolic links to a program called busybox. Busybox is a program that contains the code for these utilities. It takes up less space. Not sure which version of Debian is running 4k or 64k.


Search the forums for ‘Gen2’.

Plenty of information to be found.

Many thanks. I’d searched for ‘gen 2’ should have left the space out!