WD My Book World. Updated - Worked and now is not to be found or accessed!

Hey guys,

i waited for a month for the firmware update. I updated and my drive worked correctly. i could access my files , everything worked normal just like before Lion OS.

But now the last 3-4 days i cannot see my MyBookWorld in the shared, where it was. I also try accessing it by typing the IP address in safari , but nothing opens. I updated it like that, by accessing it through the web interface.

I really dont know what to do. the driver seems to work normaly , i can hear it, and it is in the same place from the first day of use. 

I made a reset , unplaged it 2-3 times, still nothing. 

Any suggestions ? 

I also try from the finder Go - Connect to Server , but nothing , i cannot see anything. I remember the first time i typed sothing like smb:IP-address  or something like that. But now nothing! 

check this: http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-World-Edition/WORKING-FIX-Time-Machine-Lion/td-p/230864 :slight_smile:

Thank you man!  I waked up this morning and the driver was there. I dont know what caused the disappearance but now i can see it again.  But i will keep your solution for the futere if something goes wrong!