WD My Book World Edition (WD 1000 H1 NC) Cannot Connect after update

The WD has been working for many years with W10. After last update on W10 the windows told me to update the protocol due to the unsecure. It is an Ethernet connection.

So I updated the WD My Book with the latest SW and that include: 01.02.14 with MioNet

I can login via Ethernet as Admin, but cannot log in as an ordinary user and get hold on the files or I don’t know how to do it.

Before I was using WD Discovery to find the path for user login but that SW don’t work as it used to. Via WD Discovery I can find the hard disk on my LAN, the Ethernet, and login as Admin, but that’s all.

I have tried to find the SW MioNet but cannot find a web to open account. They ask for password and I do not have.

What to do next?

The WD HDD is updated with the last version. (Cannot change it.)

Hello janerik,

I will recommend you to map the drive in order to resolve the issue.

Refer the link provided below to map a drive on Windows computer.


Thanks for
all your advices.

But so far
still the same.

I have done
a last update on W10, and have had some support from Microsoft for this.

First of
all I have to confess that I’m not very good at network and connections, but on
the other hand I’m not that dull either. So, maybe the solution for my problem
is in your advice, but I could not find it or did not understand it.

  1.  I can map the WD HDD on the network,

but don’t know how to open a web browser with the user login + password.

  1.  I have tried to install the “My

Cloud Home” but they ask for a digit three number times 3. I cannot find that
on my HDD. The HDD is from 2010-2012.

  1.  When I use the SW WD Discovery it

find the HDD and I can configure the HDD, but cannot “Map Network Drive”: The
replay is: The network path was not found.

  1.  I have controlled the SMB2 at my

Laptop with the answer: True.

What is
your next advice?

forward for a reply.

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