WD My Book World Edition II (BlueRings) - NO CD

This WD NAS drive (WD10000D033x), which was given to me by a friend, does not have a CD (he lost it), and it still has his files on it, but in locked folders. So I need to delete his files, but have no way of doing so without being able to manage the drive. So, how do I get in to manage the drive without the CD software? I see there are downloads available but they are source files, which are no good to me without compilation knowledge, so can I manage without the CD, and if so, how? I have an Intel iMac running OS 10.9.5 and a Windows 7 PC.

Any help will be appreciated.

The best workaround I found for this was to reset the drive to its default username and password, then log in to the drive with my browser using http://nameofdrive, which took me to the WD Shared Storage Manager, from where I changed the Drive Type (but keeping the same drive type) and in so doing erase all the data. I was then able to set up new shared folders.

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Good to hear you were able to get the unit working hopefully this can help other users that get the same issue.