WD My Book World Edition II (BlueRings) - LOST CD!

First post, Go easy, Please.

Alright, so I bought a WD Mybook World ages ago (4 years) and then never set it up. Thinking I need a NAS now, I ventured to set it up.

Problem: Ive broken the CD. I took out the CD from the box, put it into the laptop. Laptop didnt read it. I look under the cd and the whole plastic base of the cd has come off, and the foily bit is everywhere!

I seriousley cannot set this HDD Up without it, If anyone has the CD, (And i think its 400meg), could someone upload it onto somewhere so I can get it? Or if theres a download avalible for it, can someone show me? Ive been looking everywhere!

Thanks, Aman.

Hi there, I don’t know about the CD but the content should be here

You can still install the drive without the CD though…