WD My Book USB 3 2TB loses full connection in windows

just bought one of these and attached it to my win7 64bit machine using a usb2 port. (no smartware)

am getting much odd behaviour that can be summarized as the drive loses full connection with windows. There is no sign that the drive has disconnected in windows (like all the other posts around here). I can generally browse the files fine, though files will no longer play. I notice the issue as some torrents in utorrent start saying they cannot find the files. Meanwhile other torrents are still seeding fine. I left it downloading a few torrents last night and one completed fine. The next got to about 38% and stopped with red cross (though it is well seeded) and again other files on the disc were no longer playable (till i rebooted).

Another time I noticed one folder was now empty then rebooted and the files reappeared.

I also copied over a complete film to this drive and found that when i tried to copy the files off later on an xp machine i got delayed write failed error message and had to delete the thing.

I’ve got all my torrents working fine now, but i’m just waiting for it to disconnect, or worse lose data.

But i’d rather not return it if i can get it stable. Any ideas.

Can someone provide a link to the software to test the drive.


I just brought mine and my files disappear and like you I have to reboot to get them and then it happens again.