WD My Book Studio - XP Can't Format the Drive

After discovering the Best Buy rep was an ■■■■■ and my “firewire” drive only has firewire 800 and nothing compatible with typical PC laptop 1394/firewire, I found the USB adapter and plugged it in.

Smartware installed its VCD and I was unable to format the drive. I connected to the wdc website and downloaded the firmware and software updates, thinking all would be well. Nope.

The firmware refuses to install, saying it cannot see the drive. Back to the website again. This time, I found a USB 3.0 driver set, which this computer and XP wouldn’t and couldnt use. Still, I installed it… thinking there are some shim drivers or compatibility issues that may be resolved this way. Nope.

So, here I am on the forum, asking… What the hell did you do when you got this drive and it functioned like a boat anchor? How were you able to make something as rudimentary as Windows Plug n Play work for this drive. Incidentally, other (older) WDC  USB  drives work fine.

Not this one.


Frustrated with **bleep**ty online support from WDC,


The WD My Book Studio was preformatted for Mac computer.

In order for PC computer to understand that format,

here is what you need to do to convert the Mac formatted drive to windows PC.

Please follow this link it will show you how to do that


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