WD My Book Studio Edition II — encryption

Hello everyone,

nice forum you have here. Here’s my problem. I have WD My Book Studio Edition II with two 500GB disks inside of it running in RAID1 mode. From time to time it had problems mounting (Windows 7, 64bit) and recentrly I have spend half a day trying to mount it on different machines with different versions of Windows. Sometimes I would get nothing, sometimes an error message would pop-up. I’ve tried all the official troubleshooting guides with no luck. My guess is that RAID controller has died or is malfunctioning and preventing disks from mounting.

Before I’ll pass my hard drive to data recovery people I would like to know if there are any hidden features that I should warn them about. I’m asking this because I’ve read that someone destroyed all the data just by removing their hard drive from the WD case wich had an encryption feature.

Thanks in andvance!


Well, the drive is under the Raid 1 mirror setting, I don’t think it will destroy the data. However just make sure to tell to the data recovery staff that your drive is in Raid 1.

Thanks I will tell them for sure.