WD My Book reboots every 30 seconds to 1 minute

I cleaned up my wiring at my desk and when I rebooted all of my devices, my external drive is no longer working. It shows in My Computer, completes the auto play and then powers off. I can see all of my data, briefly, before it disconnects. This cycle keeps repeating over and over. Any suggestions?

I am having the exact same issue with my MyBook.  I cleaded up my desk and moved my external hard drives and one of them has started to do the same thing as yours.  I hope someone has an answer!


Make sure the drive is plugged in directly into the wall outlet since a power strip or surge protector may be causing this issue. Also In Windows go into Control Panel and select Power Options and find your way to advanced power settings, there is a selective suspend setting for USB. See if that helps.

Still a no-go with me.  The same thing happens regardless if I plug it up to the Mac or PC, wall or power strip.  I don’t have this problem with my other three WD drives.  I even tried a variaty of USB cables.